About David Charles

Meet the man behind the furniture!

David has had an interest in woodworking and building since childhood. That passion led him to The Landing Wooden Boat School in Arundel, Maine shortly after attending Porter & Chester Institute for Mechanical Drafting in Stratford, CT.

After several years as an architectural draftsman with a Portland, Maine firm he eventually started his own carpentry company doing additions and remodeling in the southern Maine and New Hampshire communities for almost 30 years.

David is now pursuing his dream of working in his own shop making quality, custom furniture that can become heirloom pieces passed from one generation to the next.

David in workshop
handmade dowels
unfinished chair arms in workshop
finished parts in workshop

A History of Craftsmanship

David’s Grandfather was a cabinetmaker, hand-crafting beautiful pieces of furniture from his home in Oregon. Although living on opposite ends of the United States made for few visits, it seems that David inherited that woodworking gene and has now brought it full-circle to carrying on that tradition of quality craftsmanship in the building of heirloom outdoor furniture pieces.

David lives – and works – at his home in Kennebunk, Maine with his wife, Nancy and their dog, Hammond.

A New Chapter in the Woodworking Story

It has long been a dream of David’s to open his own shop and spend his time and talents on his passion of woodworking. Oddly enough, it was a medical emergency that forced him to end his construction business, but opened the door to beginning a woodworking business in his small shop at home in Kennebunk. He hopes to fill a niche of providing that old fashioned, hand-crafted quality of furniture that seems to be lacking in our ‘throw-away’ society.

Quality furniture lasts through the years and becomes the treasured pieces you can hand down with pride to the next generation.

David also crafts custom furniture orders for clients who have specific styles and designs for pieces they desire to add to their homes. Contact him for information on how to get your special piece crafted.

pano of workshop with chairs in progress

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