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Furniture by David Charles proudly offers both folding and fixed versions of its beautiful Adirondack chairs in two sizes, as well as an Adirondack Rocker. A matching footstool can be used with any of our chairs.

New products will be added over time, so be sure to check back.
Currently in development is a curvaceous garden chair.


Adirondack chair - year round use

Attention to Detail

Our Adirondack chairs are made from African Iroko (widely known as a Teak substitute). It is high in mineral content, durable and beautiful when finished.

The hardware for the folding Adirondack chairs is marine grade 316 stainless steel, chosen for its anti-corrosion and durability.

The six pivot points have recessed stainless steel washers which have been epoxied in place to help prevent the wood mating surfaces from rubbing.

The fixed chairs and rocker use handmade dowels out of Wenge wood to take the place of the stainless pivoting hardware, which align the backrest to the armrest to the front legs.

Black marine-grade King Starboard Polymer (1/2″ thick on the feet of the chairs and footstool and 1/4″ thick on the rocker rails) is used to prevent ground contact from damaging the furniture and allowing moisture to wick into the wood.


Made in Maine

The phrase, “Made in Maine” is linked to terms like quality, craftsmanship, artisan, handmade, unique and enduring. At Furniture by David Charles, we are proud to continue that Maine Made tradition with our line of Adirondack chairs.

David adds a strip of Purple Heart wood to the outside of the arms of the chair, which is his trademark and makes for a unique look.

He carefully chooses each piece of wood that will be used in his furniture and even crafts the wooden dowel pins used. He then mills and shapes each piece by hand ensuring proper sizing and fit.

The chairs are finished with a coat of wood sealer, followed by six coats of Teak Oil applied by hand (not sprayed). After the fifth coat of Teak Oil, all parts are rubbed down with #0000 steel wool to knock down any raised grain, which makes the wood very smooth, especially after the sixth and final coat of Teak Oil.

The result is a stunning, durable and ergonomically comfortable chair that can be enjoyed for many years and is beautiful enough to be used indoors.

Furniture Offerings

We are currently focusing on a line of Adirondack chairs with more outdoor furniture pieces in development to be added at a future date.

We offer two styles of Adirondack chairs – fixed and folding – which come in large and small sizes. The small size is recommended for people 5’6″ tall or under. Our Adirondack Rocker comes in the small size only and is good for whiling away the hours on your deck enjoying the view and chatting with friends & family.

Assortment of Adirondack Chair Styles and Foot Rest

Basic Pricing

Full Pricing Sheet

Large Fixed Adirondack Chair – $1545

Small Fixed Adirondack Chair – $1495

Large Foldable Adirondack Chair – $1545

Small Foldable Adirondack Chair – $1495

Adirondack Rocker Chair – $1995

Footstool – $450

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