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The term, ‘hand crafted’ seems to be a catch-phrase these days, but is often widely misused. At Furniture by David Charles, however, this term is used in its purest form. David literally shapes every piece that goes into his Adirondack chairs by hand; from hand-picking and milling the rough woods, to crafting the wooden dowel pins and applying the finish by hand. These are truly heirloom furniture pieces that look as good inside the house as they do outdoors, and whose quality ensures they will be cherished through the years.

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adirondack chair - folded

About David Charles

David has had an interest in woodworking and building since childhood. That passion eventually led to him start his own construction business which he ran for almost 30 years. He is now pursuing his dream of working in his own shop making quality, custom furniture that can become heirloom pieces passed from one generation to the next.

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Caring for your Furniture

As with any quality piece of furniture, you want to properly care for it to keep it at its best so you can enjoy it for many years. The Adirondack chairs crafted by Furniture by David Charles are made from a durable African Iroko wood and finished with a coat of sealer and six coats of Teak Oil applied by hand. This not only brings out the beauty of the wood, but makes the furniture more durable and easy to care for. Learn how easy it is to keep your furniture looking its best.

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applying teak oil - chair maintenance

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